Welcome to The Orchid Zone, Ltd.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Monterey Peninsula at the end of a not-so-yellow-brick-road, lies a land of Orchids, the land of OZ.

Our mission is to produce the finest orchids in the industry. We flower out thousands of new seedlings from hundreds of crosses each year.  Only the best are retained to carry on our breeding program. We breed not only for quality of flowers, but also for vigorous plants that are free blooming, long lasting and disease resistant.

The Orchid Zone is primarily noted for the work we do on Paphiopedilums; however, many other genera are cultivated, including Odontoglossums, Miltoniopsis, Masdevallias, Phragmipediums and Zygopetalums, just to name a few.

The Orchid Zone is a "Wholesale Only" nursery.  Our U.S. wholesale minimum is 100 plants or $500 (whichever is greater). Our overseas minimum is $1,000.

Paph Mystic Castle ‘Moonstone’

(Mystic Knight x Ice Castle)


It has been almost ten years since we’ve maintained a website.  Due to popular demand, we’re back!  We will start with the pictures from our previous website.  These pictures can be found under Photo Archive.  As time permits, we will be uploading the pictures we’ve taken since the old website went down.  Newly added pictures will first appear in the Recently Uploaded page, so keep checking back for the latest uploaded pictures.  We hope you enjoy your virtual visit with us.


January 1, 2011—New pictures for the new year

January 9, 2011—Add pictures to Recently Uploaded

August 7, 2011—Upload more pictures